Reasons Why Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is Important

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October 17, 2017

Reasons Why Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is Important



When people are looking for a product or service, the majority of them use search engines. It’s a fact no one can deny. Businesses now have the opportunity to target people directly based on what they search, putting their name and brand right in front of them, generating awareness and more importantly traffic to their website. If well targeted, this traffic is also most likely to convert.


You have the opportunity through Search Engine Marketing to target people based on their search intent. What people search for can often give you a precise indication of how close they are to completing your goal. Understanding how people search is important so you can adjust your adcopy messaging, calls to action and landing pages accordingly.

Google search


While keyword targeting is crucial, Adwords offers many other targeting settings that you need to rely on to maximise your SEM performance. Geo-targeting (where searchers are physically located), device targeting (are they using a desktop, tablet, smartphone? Which carrier are they on?), Ad scheduling (Only target people during certain hours of the week or days of the week), etc


Through the use of cookies (small text files websites place on your computer), we are able to track much data about each user, how they behave online, and how we can best target them as a whole or retarget them individually. (Fear not, all that data is anonymous!).

Tracking data also means you, as a marketer or business owner, know exactly what you get in return of your advertising spend. Whatever your goal is, you can tell exactly how much value you are generating from this marketing/advertising channel, and can therefore make more educated decisions when it comes to budgeting

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